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Your time. Your mint.

There are all sorts of ways to use 4everMints. Tuck it up in your gumline and forget it’s there for the next several hours. Swirl it around like a cough drop and feel the burst of freshness. Find what works best for you. And know that however you use it, 4EverMints are still lasting longer than anything else out there.

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Proven by science.

There’s this thing called the Paddle Test. It’s used to measure how long a mint will last, how long it takes it to break down and dissolve completely. We took the Paddle Test. And we also gave it to four of the biggest selling mints, the ones everybody looks to for fresh breath. And they all did pretty...

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Your dentist will love this.

4everMints use Xylitol as a natural sweetener. We liked that is tasted like sugar, but with fewer calories and no impact on blood sugar levels. But it turns out Xylitol does even more. It is also a natural plaque fighter. And by simply placing a ForeverMInt up along the gum line and letting it slowly...

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