Vitamin D - 100 Count

4everMints + Vitamin D is formulated to provide your daily requirement for Vitamin D. One or two 4everMints + Vitamin D tablets per day meet the daily-recommended requirements for Vitamin D. Customers have reported relief from chronic skeletal and muscular pain associated with Vitamin D deficiency.  In addition, they have also noted that using 4everMints + Vitamin D helps with depression and feeling “blue”, both of which may be related to Vitamin D deficiency.


4everMints + Vitamin D incorporates a unique Vitamin D delivery system that helps provide Vitamin D in a slow but continuous 2+-hour release format. Each 4everMints + Vitamin D mint contains 1,666 IU of Vitamin D. The slow release of Vitamin D eliminates gastric irritation from a large single dose  of Vitamin D swallowed in pill form. One 4everMints + Vitamin D tablet not only freshens your breath, but also meets the daily requirement recommended by doctors (800 to 2,000 IU per day).